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 ==== Tom's Hardware ==== ==== Tom's Hardware ====
 +Review of capacitor brands from a power supply perspective.
 [[https://​www.tomshardware.com/​reviews/​power-supplies-101,​4193-5.html|Capacitors Manufacturer Tier List]] [[https://​www.tomshardware.com/​reviews/​power-supplies-101,​4193-5.html|Capacitors Manufacturer Tier List]]
 ===== Sections ===== ===== Sections =====
 <nspages :​components:​capacitors -h1 -textPages=""​ -exclude:​components -simpleLineBreak -sortByDate -reverse>​ <nspages :​components:​capacitors -h1 -textPages=""​ -exclude:​components -simpleLineBreak -sortByDate -reverse>​