About this site

This site uses Dokuwiki which runs on a Hetzner instance. All content on this site is CC BY 4.0 which means you can link, share and modify any material on this site as long as you do proper attribution. Proper attribution would be mentioning the full URL of this site, the handles monasfx or autostatic or my full name, Jeremy Jongepier.

Bear in mind I'm a maker, a tinkerer, an enthusiast, an amateur. I have no background in electronics and much of what I try to cover on this site is a personal journey in itself. So this site can contain mistakes or information that could be wrong. If you spot any of those don't hesitate to drop me a note at info[at]monasfx[dot]com. I would be more than happy to iron out any errors or false information!

When it comes to the content I offer, this content could contain copyrighted material that I used from a FUP perspective. Think of logo's and images that I copied from other sites. The copyright of such material remains with the owners and if I infringe on anything please let me know.