Physical stores

Information about and links from physical stores. I've lived a significant time in the pre-internet era so I've grown a fondness for fumbling about certain stores.

My current favorite is the Baco in IJmuiden, an army dump store that has been around since the 1970's. Because they operate in a niche market since so long they have quite some NOS stuff lying around. Their vacuum tubes department is quite big and if you ask for PNP Germanium transistors they can even ask which ones you need because they simply stock several types. It's my to go to store if I run out of basic stuff like wires, stripboard or certain components.

Baco Army Goods

There's a Smorenberg within walking distance from my house so whenever I need something quickly I try first at Smorenberg. They are quite expensive though but I'm willing to pay something extra for like 22nF film capacitors when I can pick them up right away.


Any shop with a wall full of drawers crammed with components has my attention. Radio Elco is one of them.

Radio Elco

Like having a physical AliExpress around the corner. Great for storage boxes, tools like digital calipers and multimeters, paint, markers, photo paper for PCB transfers, step drills, etc.


Store in Schagen. A place where time stood still. One of the few places where you can get ferric chloride.