For drilling enclosures I'm using a cheap second-hand drill press, I think it's a Top Craft from Aldi. Already a big step forward from using a standard drill. After having center punched the enclosure I use a 2mm drill to pilot the holes and then I use a step drill to create the right size holes.

For drilling holes for potmeters, jacks, leds and switches I'm using several conical step drills I got from various places (Baco, Banggood). I have a big note hanging above the drill press with all common hole sizes.

For preparing cuts on vero boards I use a cordless drill with a 2mm drill. I finish off the cuts with a scalpel knife.

Handy for various other drilling exercises.

To create the drill markings on enclosures I use a Stanley center punch I got from Praxis. Not only does it mark where the holes should come, it also guides the small drill I use to pilot the holes. This way you really drill at the spot where the marking is.