Harley Benton PowerPlant

This is all about this unit: https://www.thomann.de/intl/harley_benton_powerplant.htm


If you're planning to buy it, don't! Get the ISO-1 Pro, ISO-2 Pro or the Junior one as those have isolated outputs. The blue PowerPlant doesn't. And the blue unit provides less than 9v at its outputs. Fortunately that can be improved, that's what this mod does. Bear in mind that you will void your warranty with this mod.

Update: got the Junior and tossed the blue one in the bin.

Came across this mod here: http://forum.gitaristi.sk/index.php?topic=100117.0. It consists of adding two rectifiers (UF4004 in my case), a 330nF film cap and cutting some ground tracks. The result is that the outputs will provide slightly over 9V instead of the default 8.5V.

Lower voltage

First I desoldered the L7809CV 9V voltage regulator as I wanted to reuse it. Desoldered regulator

Then I cut the ground tracks on both sides of the PCB. Cut tracks - upside

On the downside the cut is underneath the added UF4004 rectifier on the right. You can also see the 330nF cap I added here. Rectifiers and film cap

And another pic of the film capacitor. 330nF film cap

Let's see if the mod did its job. Higher voltage

Great, that look's better. Maybe I'm going to add something like a heat sink later on because apparently the 9V voltage regulator can get very hot when connecting multiple effects.