General websites about guitar effects and related topics.

Dirk_Hendrik likes Mostortions just like me. Other than that he knows his stuff and runs a very informative site.

Dirk_Hendrik Guitar Effects stuff. Effects with a different View.

The site got an overhaul and it seems a lot of the old stuff is gone. And I didn't even manage to browse through all of it! I'll check if I can salvage anything.

This site is kind of a treasure trove. Click on “Vintage Collection” on the top right and enjoy the ride.

Jacques Stompboxes

One of the oldest DIY sites together with AMZ-FX.


One of the oldest DIY sites together with GEO FEX.


Amazing Dutch site about the wondrous world of High-End HiFi, approached from a rational point of view. If you're Dutch and into electronics and audio read everything from A to Z. Spoiler: expect some myth busting!

Great collection of original schematics.

Home of the renown BoobTube and a great source for schematics and tutorials.

Juansolo FX

Wiki about DIY effect building. Mostly links to forum threads.

Making the world a fuzzier place.

Experimentalists Anonymous has been an online resource and information repository for people interested in building their own audio circuits since 2003. We host a variety of community- and individually-run sites. Especially the DIY Archives contain a wealth of useful schematics.