General websites about guitar effects and related topics.

Reference site of how to build extremely clean and tidy DIY effects. Just check out those etched and polished enclosures, simply beautiful.

johnk custom vintage guitars

Dirk_Hendrik likes Mostortions just like me. Other than that he knows his stuff and runs a very informative site.

Dirk_Hendrik Guitar Effects stuff. Effects with a different View.

The site got an overhaul and it seems a lot of the old stuff is gone. And I didn't even manage to browse through all of it! I'll check if I can salvage anything.

This site is kind of a treasure trove. Click on “Vintage Collection” on the top right and enjoy the ride.

Jacques Stompboxes

One of the oldest DIY sites together with AMZ-FX.


One of the oldest DIY sites together with GEO FEX.


Amazing Dutch site about the wondrous world of High-End HiFi, approached from a rational point of view. If you're Dutch and into electronics and audio read everything from A to Z. Spoiler: expect some myth busting!

Great collection of original schematics.

Home of the renown BoobTube and a great source for schematics and tutorials.

Juansolo FX

Wiki about DIY effect building. Mostly links to forum threads.

Making the world a fuzzier place.

Experimentalists Anonymous has been an online resource and information repository for people interested in building their own audio circuits since 2003. We host a variety of community- and individually-run sites. Especially the DIY Archives contain a wealth of useful schematics.