Web shops

A list of links to web shops that sell parts for building effects.

Dutch web shop focused on the DIY builder. Great selection of parts with decent prices. Pre-payment only, no Paypal, Ideal or credit card. Really fast delivery if items are on stock, generally within 2 to 3 working days. Offers possibility to send small orders by letter which can save you 4 Euros.


German webshop focused on the DIY builder. Great selection of parts with good prices. Delivery times are an issue, it can take more than a week before orders are picked and then it can take up to another week before the order gets delivered.


German webshop selling all kinds of items and parts related to making music and building instruments, effects and amplifiers. Great selection of parts with good prices. Delivery can be slow, up to 7 working days.


UK webshop for electronics hobbyists and makers with quite a nice catalogue for effect builders also. Attractive international shipping fees, especially for smaller orders. Relatively fast delivery, within 5 working days but The Netherlands are currently marked as a high risk country when it comes to delivery loss.


Due to Brexit Silicon Ark doesn't ship to the EU anymore.

Loved this web shop for their great selection of NOS transistors and diodes. Fast delivery also, orders arrive within 4 to 5 days.


Dutch web shop with custom designed PCB's and some components.


Thai web shop renown for their low prices and good selection of parts. Take care with what you order, not all parts are of a trusted origin, especially components like IC's or branded capacitors, these might be fakes. Their Alpha pots seem to be the real deal though and also their powder coated enclosures are nice, especially considering their low price. Delivery is extremely slow though, orders can take up to more than a month to arrive.


Big German web presence of which I knew it existed but where I stumbled upon by accident when I needed C25K pots and 2N7000 transistors for a Mosfet based fuzz. Also ordered some of their 0.25mm² wire which looks exactly the same as the 0.25mm² wire from Musikding. Fast delivery, within 2-3 working days.


eBay can be handy for getting stuff in bulk like capacitors or resistors. Delivery times vary wildly as most merchants of electronic components are Chinese so you're left to to whims of the customs of the importing country. Expect 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. Also be aware of components with prices that are too good to be true, those might be fakes.

From July 1st 2021 you will need to pay VAT for every shipment from China.

Great for things like knobs, DC sockets, switches and other components that regular web shops get from China too. In some cases ordering directly can be cheaper.


For switches and knobs, check Daier.


More knobs. And also ludicrously expensive vacuum tubes.


Dutch web shop with good prices and the possibility to send small orders by letter.


Good prices, low shipping costs. And they stock CA3260's. Something to do with Mostortions.


Great for things like good quality capacitors and resistors. You need a Chamber of Commerce registration though.


Polish web store, can sometimes be a cheaper alternative. Shipping costs are a bit higher but delivery is fast, within 2 days.


Sinuss currently has issues shipping orders from their UK warehouse. Orders get delayed or not sent at all.

The consumer department of Farnell. They stock almost anything. Low shipping costs as they ship small orders by mail box package. Delivery takes about 4 to 5 working days.


Here's where I got my Hakko FX-888D and Peak DCA55. Fast delivery.