A rebranded London City. This one was a steal and since I didn't have one yet I just got it, also to revise it and make it look good again. When I bought it it was covered with brown imitation leather glued on the original tolex. Immediately ripped it off. Also the mains and standby switches differed so I replaced those with identical Carlings. Same for the knobs, it has two different sets of knobs, replaced those too with six matching specimens. When it comes to the inside, this amp has been set up to have all 4 power tubes biased separately. Quite a nice feature that I'll keep, that way I can try finding a good set of Philips EL34's, but I'll probably pull out the biasing terminals as those are not needed with the biasing setup I use. All power caps have to be replaced too, a former owner even drilled an extra hole in the chassis to add a 25µF+25µF can capacitor in parallel to replace a 50µF can capacitor. I'm thinking about adding a cold clipper circuit, already screwed a preamp socket in that hole. And I'd like to add a master volume and maybe a tonestack switch. This amp will rock when it's revised. It still got the original Philips preamp tubes and the Prova transformers and once it's cleaned up again it will hopefully look good again too. With the 4 separate bias pots I hope I can find a nice selection of Philips EL34's from the ones I have still lying around from earlier retubes.

Power caps have been replaced. Also replaced the complete bias setup with new fresh components. Replaced all tube sockets with matching Belton sockets. Working on the wiring of the tube sockets, most wiring will be replaced. Replaced most of the electrolytic caps. I will probably also replace all tone and volume pots.