Ibanez Mostortion

After asking storyboardist of the Effects Layouts blog if he could do a Mostortion layout he promptly came up with one for which I thank him a lot! Managed to etch the board almost flawlessly and decided that this board deserved the best suited components for the job to match it as close as possible to the original. Behold the ultimate Monastortion so far with a CA3260E opamp, 2SC1815 transistors for the buffers and MA165 clipping diodes. I really don't think you can get any closer to the original.

Building this thing didn't go that flawlessly though. I drilled one hole too much next to the 220nF and put pot covers on the tone pots before checking if they would fit that way. Which they didn't of course so I had to pull of the covers again. This cost me one pot which I managed to pull apart completely. I also had to swap the 47µF SMD cap that I used in the first place for a regular through-hole cap because with the SMD cap pin 3 of the bass pot got blocked by the cap.