Building Ibanez Mostortion clones based on the MT10 design of Effects Layouts.

Cut the copper board to size. Printed the design on photo paper with a laserjet printer.

Ironed the designs onto the copper boards for about 4 minutes, iron on the highest setting. Soaked the boards in luke warm water for about 10 minutes and peeled off the remaining photo paper.

Prepared an oven dish with warm water, about 45-50 °C. Then I mixed 500 ml of water of the same temperature with 100 gr of sodium persulfate in a plastic container and placed the container in the oven dish.

Placed a thermometer in the oven dish and by adding hot water from a water boiler I can keep the water at the right temperature during the etching process.

Placed the copper boards in the plastic container.

After 15 minutes the sides were starting to etch off.

After 30 minutes the whole board had been etched off.

Took out the boards, dried them and removed the laserjet ink with acetone.

Drilled the holes, used 0.8mm for the component holes and 1.2mm for the pot meter holes.

Started with the resistors, MA165 diodes and jumper. Almost forgot the jumper.

Finished it off with Wima film caps, Panasonic FC electrolytics, 2SC1815 transistors and Alpha pots. And the CA3260E of course.

After testing I pulled out the MA165 diodes. They're probably fakes as they sounded like those thin French pancakes. Replaced them with 1N914's which I also used for other Mostortion based builds. Sent one to Michiel from Stillwell. I'll probably keep the other one myself, I might mod it the Danelectro Roebuck way with an extra switch for LED clipping.