Darkglass Microtubes B3K

During a rehearsal the bass player of Stage Banter asked if we could keep our eyes open for second hand Darkglass stuff. So I checked it out on the interwebs and saw that they have effects too. The B3K has been verofied so I decided to try my luck with it as it is a step up from a simple booster, drive or fuzz.

Turned out quite OK. If I'll build another one I'll try to place the pots a bit higher or the audio jacks a bit lower. But that's just gutshot aesthetics. The result is what counts and given the reaction of our bass player, big smile on his face for two hours with effect always on, I think this is a winner.

Just the board with all non-socketed components. I used Wima's for the 1µF caps because the Kemet ones were a tad bit too wide. And precision DIP sockets. No more regular DIP sockets for me.

Board with all the wiring and the enclosure with a $1 3PDT switch and Lumberg jack connectors.

All boxed up with the JFET's and the IC's. The 4049 IC has to be an unbuffered one, I used a CD4049UBE. The JFET's are unmatched J201's. Not sure if they had to be matched but sounds great nonetheless. All IC's are Texas Instruments so from an OCD point of view I was really happy with that. Those Wima film caps on the other hand… Well, at least they match nicely with the red DC connector.