Tone Bender MKII NPN Silicon

An NPN Silicon version of the renown Tone Bender Fuzz. Very cool effect to fool around with for testing different transistors. When I made the gutshot it had BC183L's in it. Just for the fun of it. It's really quite cool when it starts to oscillate with such high hFE transistors. I've replaced them with a 60 hFE 2n2369 for Q1, a 40hfE AC187K for Q2 and a 90 hFE 2n2369 for Q3.

Getting better with the wiring, not too long, not too short. I'm curious how the 3PDT will keep up, got 20 of them for less than €1 a piece. And got hold of some colored DC sockets too, used a white one for this build. For the jumper bridges I used 0.8mm silvered copper wire. Bit too thick I found out so I'm using 0.6mm now. And for the LED I used a fresnel lens, those are great as you just need to drill a hole, stick the lens in and push a LED into it from the other side. And they look great too. As you an see I used shrink tube to obfuscate the CLR resistor. The value is my trade secret. I'm gonna get rich with it as it's a very special value. Took me two weeks of extensive testing to find out the ultimate value.